Exercises to Follow in Waist Training for Better Results

Now that your waist trainer has arrived in the parcel, let’s get serious and set out some solid plan to help shed some pound off our waist. Be patient and start slow with only few hours of waist training at first and then gradually increase the number of hours till you are knee deep in an intense waist training routine with a good amount of workout to go with it.

Although there are several exercises you could perform, there are some which are the most effective in burning your fat while working alongside your waist trainer. I have especially added those exercises to the list which do not require any special equipment and can be easily performed right at home.

Wall Ball Squat

A wall ball squat is focused at strengthening the lower part of your body and makes use of multiple muscles at the same time. The exercise requires you to squat against the wall with the help of a large ball and hold the ball in place for as long as you can.

Laying down Leg Raises

Although you will find it a little tricky at first to get the hang of, it will produce marvelous results especially in toning your abdominal muscles. You need to lay down flat on the ground with your legs raised up high without bending your knees. You will need to keep your hips stationary and refrain from taking the assistance of your arms to lift up your legs.

Knee raises

This is another exercise which focuses on burning your abdominal muscles while strengthening your core at the same time. There are two difficulty levels for this exercise that you can try: one in which you bring both your knees vertically above your hips while laying straight on the ground and the other in which you bring your knees right up to your face.

Jumping Rope

Although it might seem like a toy for kids, this simple tool can do everything all the expensive equipment in a gym couldn’t. After all your regular exercises, you could save a few minutes for jumping rope and see how it gets you all sweaty and hot. All the sweat and heat you will feel suggests you are burning fat faster than you think!

Climbing Stairs

This is another great exercise which takes up more of your energy and involves more of your muscles than walking. However, avoid performing this exercise if you experience knee pains since it will work up your knee joints and will aggravate the pain.


If you want to keep it simple and skip all the fancy exercises, you could start by adding a mere 30 minutes of running to your busy schedule. Contrary to what I said about using special equipment earlier, a treadmill is an ideal tool for this type of exercise since using it you can add variations to your speed and angle at which you are running. By adding such variations to running, you will increase its effectiveness.


If you are too busy to find time to exercise, you can simply start cycling to your workplace or institute instead of going in a car. You will simply be replacing the time you spend sitting idle in the car with cycling which burns loads of your calories every minute! Just like the variation in speed while running helps make it more effective, try to add a little variation to your cycling routine as well to help burn more fat.

If you think about it, there are endless options you can try provided you are serious about losing weight. All these exercises produce excellent results when you perform them with consistency while wearing a good waist trainer. Be sure to find a waist trainer that is designed specifically to be worn while working out that will promote sweating and give you a flat tummy in almost no time.

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