What Things a Food Processor Must have

The times are long gone when food processors used to be an appliance for the elite or the professionals. The reason is that they are now as easily accessible to common people as the wealthy since so many brands and varieties are now available. Even those who cannot afford the most expensive varieties can find a good deal which delivers most of the essential functions. Out of the large variety available it’s not possible to pick one best food processor. Every cook has his own unique preference which is why the best food processor for one might not be such a great pick for the other. However, there are some common qualities which everyone should keep a look out for when trying to find a good food processor:

Good wattage:

A good motor wattage reflects a stronger food processor which can work with tougher ingredients such as nuts, meat and dough. It also means that it will get the job done much quicker than a food processor with a lower wattage. You will require a food processor with wattage of at least 700 watts if you want it to be able to perform most of the tasks without seizing.

Simple control system:

There is no need for a complex control system which you will have trouble understanding later or explaining it to someone else who is operating your machine. Most of the food processors have two speed options: high and low. Good ones also include a very useful pulse option which gives short bursts of power for tasks that require only momentary processing.


There is a wide range of sizes to choose from with cup sizes as big as 16 cups to process food for multiple families and as small as 2 cups to feed one or two persons. Now you need to sit and consider the amount of food you normally cook. Always buy a size that’s a bit larger than what you really need since on an occasion when you want to process larger amounts like when you have guests over, you wouldn’t want to empty the bowl and repeat the processing steps multiple times because of the small size of the bowl. Some food processors come with multiple bowls of different sizes. You will find these ones highly convenient since you can use the smaller bowl for processing sauces, dips etc and larger ones for processing family meals.

Easy cleanup:

This is another very important consideration which you cannot afford to overlook. Nobody wants a kitchen tool which gets the job done quickly but takes ages to clean up! Before buying a food processor, you should see to it that the parts are easy to detach and clean with little or no grooves and niches where the food might get stuck and become hard to remove.

Good warranty:

The warranty of a best food processor reflects its quality. If a manufacturer gives a long term warranty for a food processor, it suggests that the appliance is built to last. The finest food processors come with warranties as long as 7 years or even more but they are also quite expensive. If you want a cheaper option, you should at least look for a warranty of 1 year or more. Anything less than that is not worth spending money on.

Useful Accessories:

A food processor typically comes with an array of attachments to help with different processing tasks involved in the preparation of food. You will need to consider the types of food you normally cook and the accessories which might be useful for you. It’s not wise to pay for a bunch of attachments that will not even come in use.

Be careful when you pick a food processor because it should be an investment that provides a service you are satisfied with for many years before considering to replace it. Although these points will help you select a great food processor, it does not cover everything there is to know about food processors.

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